Freshguard Odor Control


OPTIMER® FRESHGUARD® Odor Control is a biocide-free odor-neutralizing technology for reducing offensive smells caused by sweat, smoke, urine, pets, and food in apparel, home, medical, and automotive textiles. It’s like having a “clean room” inside, where smells have a tough time forming.

Derived from nature and eco-friendly, FRESHGUARD® Odor Control eliminates unpleasant odors on fabrics and clothing by absorbing and neutralizing them. With FRESHGUARD® you can reduce the amount of water usage, detergent, and energy spent on laundry, “safe-guarding” the planet and enjoying the sense of fresh being. Redefining comfort with a fresh state of mind.

OPTIMER® FRESHGUARD® Odor Control is made with silica particles and functional atoms which are able to absorb, break down, and neutralize the odor molecules into odorless ones through a continuous process providing odor control and freshness all day, every day. REDEFINING COMFORT.


  • Non-Biocide
  • VOC-Free
  • Reduces Odors
  • Durable Performance
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Suitable for all Textiles Content
  • Derived From Nature


Fashion, Sportswear, Intimates, Workwear, Denim, Seamless, Footwear, Hosiery, Accessories, Elastics/Ribbons, Medical textiles, Home textile.