From the makers of drirelease®, a suite of protective comfort solutions has joined the Optimer Brands family under the seal of OPTIMER.

Built on a foundation of scientific inquiry and research, OPTIMER fully commits to the company’s promise of comfort and sustainability.  These unique technologies are designed to be infused at the fabric stage providing almost limitless versatility in fiber content and end use.

A global supplier network of close partners ensures that these comfort enhancements can be sourced with ease and under strict quality control. With an emphasis on using natural raw materials, environmental responsibility is a primary focus with all of our technologies.

With OPTIMER® FRESHGUARD® you can reduce the amount of water usage, detergent, and energy spent on laundry, “safe-guarding” the planet and enjoying the sense of fresh being. Redefining comfort with a fresh state of mind.   

Together with drirelease and Dricomfort, OPTIMER has raised the bar in textile technology.

It’s like having a “clean room” inside,

where smells have a tough time forming.

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